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How it works

Upload Photo

Submit a product image, and we'll remove the background, making it ready for you to create an AI background instantly.

Select template or prompt

Pick a template for your product category or describe the scene you want with a custom prompt.

Receive results

With a simple click, we generate AI image for your product just in a few seconds.With a simple click, we effortlessly integrate your product into the scene in just a few seconds.
Simple, transparent and affordable.
Starter plan
per month
100 credits per month (200 images)
Upload unlimited product photos
Access to all features
4K download
Custom models
Configurable credits
Dedicated support
Can your AI-generated backgrounds accommodate different industries and themes?

Yes, our AI image generator supports various industries and themes, providing unique ai product backgrounds that suits your products.

Is there any special equipment or software required to use your AI product photography service?

No, our service is accessible via a web browser, eliminating the need for special equipment or software. Just upload your images, and our AI will handle the rest.

Can I request adjustments or modifications to the AI-generated backgrounds?

Yes, we have a built-in ai image editor that allows you to make adjustments to the product backgrounds. You can also request modifications from our team at

How does the software adjust the lighting and shadowing?

Our AI intelligently adjusts lighting and shadowing to match the backdrop and product.

Can help in managing social media content?

Yes, we have an in-built social media AI content generator that tranforms your AI images to platform specific size and generates captions for your social media posts.

What are your pricing options?

We have a monthly subscription package.

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shampoo bottles, towel and flower in the backgroundchocolate bars on wooden table, surrounded by nuts and other ingredients, top viewa sofa in a well lit living room, with a large window in the backgrounda bracelet on leaf, flowers in defocused background
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